“This is an important theme in many ways, not just politically. And it involves more than just some particular group of excluded people, which is what is so often talked about. The sense of being excluded in some way is very common these days.”

Stéphane Querrec and Anu Pennanen often use people in the urban space as the starting point of their art. Their cinematic installations explore experiences of alienation that result from urban architecture and social structures, positing a likeness between exclusion as a personal experience and appropriation of one’s personal space in society.

Their latest video examines the emotions of loneliness and longing for community. The generic urban setting of the work reflects the main character’s sense of alienation and disconnectedness.

Visual artist, film director Anu Pennanen (b. 1975, Kirkkonummi) and writer, film director Stéphane Querrec (b. 1979, Basque country, France) live and work in Helsinki. They have been collaborating since 2012. Anu Pennanen has been awarded at the Kassel Documentary Film Festival, and in Finland her films have been broadcast by the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle.

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