Tasks for school groups (being related to belonging theme)

Home, family

  • Choose an object that is related to your family story and is important to you. What is it? Why it is important? Talk about it together.
  • Draw a family tree starting of you. You can ask help from your parents or grandparents. How far did you get.
  • What is the most important spot in your home? Why? Draw a picture of it.


  • Have a short conversation about what things are common to every people in the world.
  • How many languages are there spoken in your classroom? 
Write down ”good morning” in so many languages you can. 
Learn to say good morning in every languages you have found.
  • What is the biggest holiday in your culture? How do you celebrate it? What similarities and differences do you find?
  • What is your favorite dish? What colors do you find in your favorite food? Draw a picture or take a photo. Make an exhibition of the pictures. Where are your dish and it´s raw materials coming from?
  • How could we strike or diminish prejudices to the people from other cultures?

You have to move to another country by your own. You don´t know anybody and you don´t know the language spoken there.

  1. You can take one object with you. What is it? Why did you picked just that object?
  2. You can wish one skill from a good fairy. What skill do you wish? Why?
  3. You star you school in a strange country with different traditions and habits. What is your own tradition you wish to keep. Why?
  4. You have learned a new language. What things do you want to tell about your home country to your new friends?
  5. What habits/traditions do you want to teach to your new friends? Why?

Nature and places

  • What is your favorite spot outside? Why? Take a picture or draw.
  • What place you don´t like? Why?
  • What is the most wonderful place you would be in just now? What is it like? How does it smell? What colors you can find there? Is there anybody else? What sounds do you here? What do you do there? Write and draw.
  • Go out and find a spot where you can stay safely. Close your eyes. Listen. What do you hear? Do the sounds belong to the nature? Which sounds belong to nature and which do not? Why?
  • The huge amount of microscopic small creatures belong to nature. What are they? Are they important or harmful not to nature or human? Write an example.
  • Does a human being belong to nature? Why?

Art and Culture

  • Culture creates the feeling of belonging. For example the common language or habits increases belonging. In art, you can explore belonging or displacement or with art some thing or place can become more meaningful.
  • Make a trip to a city or nature. Take pictures of the targets or details. After the trip, choose one picture, which imagine the best the feeling of the trip. Make drawing or painting of the picture.
  • Art and culture is very natural to a man. What about animals? Do animals have culture? Can an animal make art? What kind the art of animals could be?
  • Make a trip to woods. Create a small artwork using materials you can find there. Don´t harm the plants. Take a picture of your work.